About Em and the Gran

Emma’s Nook & Granny 
started out life as a comfy, cozy shop in St. Charles, MN.  I'm Marge, the proprietress and the ‘Granny’ part of Emma’s Nook & Granny.

When I opened my shop in 2004, my granddaughter Emma was almost two. Emma was also the name of my favorite great aunt and the ‘real’ name of my grandma Caroline. With my shop being a blend of old and new treasures, “Emma” just seemed like an appropriate name. The rest just fell into place. Silly name, I know, but, well, it is what it is. 

The shop isn't open any longer, so now we are  
Emma's Nook & Granny On the Go! 
We continue to offer a delightful blend of vintage, antique and new country, prim and cottage style home furnishings and gifts, just from different venues. We specialize in upcycled, restyled, trash to treasure and hand made one-of-a-kind goodies that you are sure to love!