Friday, August 5, 2011

JUNKMARKET Under Glass Coming Soon!

It's already August and I haven't blogged since just before Vintage Treasures Market in June!  It was absolutely wonderful, by the way!!

My laptop died and went to computer heaven, taking with it a whole lot of stuff I really did not want to lose.  I'm still missing my Toshiba, but Dell and I are moving on.

All that is history.  Let's concentrate on what's on the horizon!

From the Heart Boutique opens for four big weekends right here in St. Charles starting August 12.  Be sure to check out this amazing shop.  It is packed to the rafters with awesome autumn decor for every home.

Then JunkMarket Under Glass opens September 7.  Sue Whitney of JunkMarket Style has again teamed up with Otten Bros Garden Center to hold the JunkMarket literally under glass in the huge greenhouses at the garden center.  This is such an awesome facility!

I was a vendor at the spring edition in March, and it was so much fun I am going to do it again!  This event promises to be even better and a little bigger, too!

Here's what Sue Whitney has to say about the event.

"Many of the FABULOUS vendors from Spring are returning and will be joined by a talented host of "new to us" exhibitors. Don't worry! We're not letting go of our quality over quantity philosophy. This remains a true "juried" show with vendors (including vintage, antique, junk, jewelers, and artisans) who are among the best in their genre! We are all about good STYLE! We'll not only deliver a top notch "vintage market", but we'll have all the bells and whistles too! JUNKMARKET Style, along with Otten Bros. and our family of vendors will provide an overall inspirational experience including, "early bird" shopping, fresh concepts for your home and garden, breath taking interior design offerings, original ideas, creative projects, booth displays that will knock your socks off, not to mention oodles of product that is just plain cool." 

 I'll tell you more in the coming days, but first, this grammy needs to go to Wisconsin to visit to sweet baby Audrey!