Monday, April 18, 2011

It's a Chalk Board Party!

To celebrate the first anniversary of the DIY Club, Amy of WhisperWood Cottage is hosting a Chalk Talk linky party and I'm joining in!  I wish I had more and better pictures of these two chalkboards, but unfortunately this is all I have and they both have been sold.

This is a cabinet door from the Restore.  I made chalkboard paint from satin finish latex paint following a recipe that calls for flat paint (see link below).  I rarely have flat paint on hand, so I use satin instead and it always works fine.  I painted the door insert with my custom made chalkboard paint in a soft sage green.  The border is creamy white and the outside edge is butter yellow.  At the top are 1 sage and 2 yellow buttons.  Along each side is a hook, a clothes pin that is painted yellow on the outside and sage on the inside and finally a vintage thread spool painted sage and sporting a little white button.  Also at the bottom is a Scrabble tile holder painted (you guessed it) sage and butter yellow to hold a piece of chalk.

This next project is memo center made from a glassless three-paned window. One section is a pink painted board with clips for hanging memos, pictures, etc.; the center is cork bulletin board covered with a black and white toile.  The third section is a pink chalkboard.  Again, I made the chalkboard paint.  There are also two porcelain door knobs for hanging things.

Here is Martha Stewart's chalkboard paint recipe that I followed (sort of!).  [Edited to say that if you think your grout is lumpy, before mixing it into the paint, put your measured amount in a plastic bag and roll the lumps out with your rolling pin. Much easier to roll out the lumps than it is to stir them into the paint.]

Thanks, Amy for sponsoring this party!  Just click the button to visit the Chalk Talk linky party and see a whole lot of cool projects.