Sunday, March 20, 2011

Flea Market Under Glass Review

At long last I am showing you photos of the March Flea Market Under Glass.  We had such fun with our fellow vendors and also with the fabulous shoppers.  Although my camera sat quietly in the hotel for the duration (duh), I have pictures of our booth from booth partner Sharon, a/k/a Fjerda Pfarkel, on setup day.

-- Our Booth --
Emma's Nook & Granny and Junk {Re}defined 

At the end of a long day setting up, we were all more than eager for the snackies and beverages at the vendor party.  It was a nice chance to relax, mingle and meet those vendors we didn't already know.  Of course the party couldn't end until someone (Sue, were you first?) climbed into the  hot air balloon basket and the rest gathered for a group picture.

Thursday was busy-busy with shoppers lined up waiting for the doors to open at 8:00.  The whole day went by so quickly and is pretty much a blur!  Then, after restocking and fluffing the booth, we were ready for shoppers again Friday morning.  Here is where my new friend Carol comes in.  Carol Thouin and Theresa Siefert are the Queens of Chic.  They share a booth with Cheryl and Woody Woodward of Junk Devotion and were right across the aisle from us.  Carol  has graciously allowed me to share her photos since I neglected to take my own.  Thanks Carol!!

The Pfarkel sisters of Junk {Re}defined -- Janell, Sharon and Dianne.  My friends and booth partners.

Junk {Re}defined and Emma's Nook & Granny

Sharon and Dianne "fluffing"

Cheryl Woodward of Junk Devotion

Junk Devotion / Queens of Chic booth.

Janell, Sharon and Cheryl

Woody, Theresa and Cheryl

The Queens of Chic
Carol Thouin and Theresa Siefert

by Sue Whitney & friends

Red Barn Minnesota by Kari

Lani's Cottage Elements booth

Paper wreath by Laurel of Chipping with Charm

Dede and Mary


Mary Jean's

by Sue Whitney and friends

by Richard and Jeff

Interesting story about my pillows.  A twenty-something gal and her mother-in-law were shopping on Thursday and were doing quite well, with purchases from several booths.  They spent time in our booth but I don't remember what they bought.  I didn't know it at the time, but DIL loved my pillow with the French post card, but since she already had quite a few items, she didn't buy the pillow.

Friday bright and early, in walked MIL but this time she was alone.  She knew her DIL had really wanted the pillow.  Well, apparently MIL had a dream about the pillow and decided that meant she should come back and buy the pillow for her DIL.  What a sweet mother-in-law!!  I'm sure her daughter-in-law was thrilled.

Another fun part of this show was meeting Kris and her daughter Hannah.  Kris had seen my subway art canvases like this one and asked if I could make one for her using words relating to her area of Minneapolis.  I had her give me a list of words she wanted and created the 16 x 20 canvas for her.  She came to the Flea Market Under Glass to pick it up and we got to meet in person and we all got to meet her sweet daughter Hannah, too.  What fun that was!!  For some reason, I have been terrible at taking pictures of my creations and I totally blew it on this one, but it was really cool because it used Kris' words and I think she really liked it!

Look for JunkMarket Under Glass in September.  It promises to be a bit different but just as fun and exciting as this one!

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