Sunday, February 20, 2011

Creations for Flea Market Under Glass

Except for time out to visit sweet baby Audrey and her parents (she is five weeks old already!!),

I have been messing with paint, glue, wood, paper and fabric in preparation for Flea Market Under Glass coming up the first weekend in March.

Here is the combination of a very old picture frame and a thrift store bulletin board that originally had a pretty ugly plastic frame.  Sorry -- no pictures of before and during.  I removed and discarded the plastic frame and cut the bulletin board to fit into the picture frame.  The frame was a tad beat up, so using acrylic craft paint, I painted black, followed by a coat of burnt umber.  I covered the bulletin board with this pretty brown toile fabric and fit it into the frame.  Voila -- a new bulletin board featuring the most adorable children!

From the sewing room, here are two totes I've made from vintage alfalfa seed sacks.

I love this rich red fabric with the little gold fleur de lis.  I used it for the back and the lining.

The inside of the bag is divided into two sections.  The divider and the inside pockets are made from the seed sack fabric and are trimmed with the red.

One side of this bag is made from an alfalfa sack and the other is from a pair of jeans which means a lot of pockets.

It is reversible so you can use it jeans side out when the spirit moves you.

I am so excited to be a vendor at the Flea Market Under Glass.  Watch here for more tote bags and other remakes and awesome junk that I will have available for you there beginning March 3.  Let's hope the weather then isn't anything like it is today!!  I heard sleety stuff hitting the windows earlier and now it is raining hard.  That's on top of the 5 or 6 inches of snow we had this morning.What do I expect -- it's winter in Minnesota.



Laurel said...

Fun stuff Marge...see you soon :) Laurel
PS...Audrey is beautiful!


I hope you do AWESOME at that show. I just heard about it. Not sure if I'll get there as we are going on a vacation at that time.
We have almost a foot of snow...too much!
Very sweet Grandbaby!

Holly said...

What a sweet baby! :)
Love your projects...the bulletin board is so pretty!
Thanks for visiting my blog today.


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