Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 is off to a great start!

I know I haven't blogged for ages, but here I am!  I pretty much took the entire month of December off and enjoyed family and friends.  Since the first of the year, I have completed several projects, mainly because Baby Girl Utley should be arriving soon and this grammy loves to sew!

First, I made this blanket.

It is solid pink minky on one side and pastel stripe fleece on the other. It's oh so soft and cuddly. It's a nice, big size so it can be used in the crib, in the car or on the floor when baby is bigger.

Next, I made a boppy -- at least that is what my sister calls it. It is just a support for baby to lean on.
Those little ones who can't sit up need to be put in different positions once in a while. Baby can lounge in her boppy and watch her mommy make cards or work at her computer.
I made is this diaper stacker, too.

It will hold real cloth diapers! Baby's mom and dad are being kind to the planet and are not using disposables. Baby's crib quilt and accessories have the cutest baby animals. The colors are yellows, tans, greens, browns and some blue.

This fabric that I had in my stash should coordinate with the bedding colors nicely. At least that is my hope! I still need to add some trim to dress it up.

I decided to bring my son the baby blanket I crocheted for him before he was born. Back 34 years ago I didn't know if I was having a boy or a girl, so I used 'baby' colors.

Back then I also crocheted a couple of pairs of bootees.  I know they are in this house somewhere, I just haven't found them yet!  Anyway, my new granddaughter may as well use this blanket, too.  Otherwise, it is just packed away in a box.  Doesn't my bear look cute? She will be nine years old this summer.

And here is a stocking cap I whipped up the other day.  So tiny!

I haven't knit anything since I was a teenager.  I preferred to crochet rather than knit. Recently I took up knitting again - with a twist - so now I have another hobby to occupy my time. More on that in another post.

Back to baby talk, I packed my son's baptismal outfit, too.  It is all hand knit (not by me!).  There is a onesie, a sweater, bootees, a cap and a blanket.  I'm sure my daughter-in-law already has plans for this baby's baptismal gown, but I will bring my son's along as I know she has never seen it, and I'm not sure he has either!  I should have taken pictures before packing it.  I guess I can do that when we get there.

So here we are, all ready to go. Now all we need is the baby!  Waiting is so difficult!

Marge - the impatient gran

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