Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Columbus sailed the ocean blue...

in fourteen hundred ninety-two."  Remember the song from elementary school?  "For many weeks he was at sea with sailing ships that numbered three."

Would you have been willing to sail the Atlantic in this ship?  Remember now, the year was 1492 so navigational equipment and creature comforts were just a little different than what we have today.

Full size replicas of the Pinta and Nina sailed the Mississippi River this summer.  The one above is the Pinta.  These photos were taken in late July from the banks of the river in Winona, Minnesota (about 20 miles from our home).

The bridge in the background links Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Isn't the background scenery beautiful?

Below is the Nina.  She looked even small than the Pinta.  I don't know where the replica of the Santa Maria was.  Rumor had it that old Chris Columbus didn't like the Santa Maria, so maybe there is no replica!

October 12, 1492, was the end of a long journey for Christopher Columbus culminating in an amazing discovery -- America.  Awesome!

Columbus Day 1974 marked the beginning of another amazing journey.  And 36 years later Ron and I are still sailing together.  How awesome is that!

Happy 36th anniversary, hon!!  (I'm just glad he didn't ask me to cross the Atlantic in one of those little ships!)