Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Love that Burlap!

You all know Cheryl, right?  Cheryl the lover of all things crusty, dusty, rusty, old and chippy.  Cheryl of Tomboy Tools and Junk Devotion.  See?  I knew you would know her!  Anyway, a few weeks ago, Cheryl found a really cool burlap sack at a flea market.  Check out the awesome graphics!

Its initial purpose was to hold 10 pounds of rice.  Not having 10 pounds of rice that needed a sack, Cheryl thought the sack should be repurposed as a tote bag.  Excellent idea!!  Here's where I come in.  Cheryl wanted a tote that was lined in something with red and yellow, with a pocket and some kind of closure.

(I wonder if Cheryl took any pictures of the rice bag before I got to work on it.  I know I didn't take any.  I rarely remember to take before pics.) 

Use your imagination to see the 'before' bag.  It had one seam across the bottom and up one side.  I opened that seam and did a little rearranging to get the picture of the girls centered on the front of the bag.  It wasn't off by much.  I think I cut off less than 2 inches.

The shoulder straps are heavy woven canvas.  I added a couple of pleats to each side of the bag for shape.  It's a little less like a rice bag that way!

I wonder what it says on this side.

I found a vintage table cloth in white, red, yellow and gray for the lining.  I hope Cheryl likes it as much as I do!

One side of the lining has a pocket near the top.  On the other side there is a pocket towards the bottom.  The snap is magnetic.

I bought a PILE of burlap and heavy linen/canvas grain sacks at an auction recently, so I have a lot of raw material for totes, pillows and whatever else I can imagine.  Pictures coming soon!!

For now, Cheryl, this one is for you!!!

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