Friday, June 25, 2010

What a Sale!!

So it's been almost a week and I am just getting around to telling you how wonderful Vintage Treasures Market was. So sorry. I really have no excuse!

Anyway, to get to the point, it was a fabulous sale!! Set up on Thursday was fun.  Here is Cheryl of Junk Devotion who was with us last year.  Looks like she was caught in the act!!  Doing what?  Cheryl and husband Woody have a variety of neat vintage and antique goods.  I couldn't believe the volume they brought!  Their load going home was certainly a lot smaller after two days in St. Charles!

Janis and her daughter Emily from Decorah were new this year.  They had the coolest booth full of vintage sewing notions and textiles.  I absolutely loved everything there!

There was a good crowd early Friday morning.  Sue Whitney is getting set up under the canopy to sign her books with Lani there to keep her company.

I wish I would have taken more pictures.  I snapped just a few at the beginning on Friday morning, then got busy with customers and my camera sat idle until suppertime.  The worst part is that I failed to get individual pictures of some of the vendors.

After a long day with lots of good sales, the vendors gathered in the back yard for a short happy hour and a great supper.  Evonne with a nice glass of zin.

A Sue imparting her junk wisdom to everyone!

And at the end of the day Saturday before we all headed for home, we gathered on the front steps for one last picture.  A tired but happy group, already thinking about next year's sale!