Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Junk Jewelry

The other day while shoveling a path through straightening up my sewing room, I discovered I have accumulated quite a few pieces of vintage jewelry.

 Several pieces were intact and still beautiful but there also were brooches with missing pins, single earrings, broken strands of beads and all sorts of interesting little pretties.  Left in its current state, it was all pretty much junk.  But I love junk.  And I love to turn junk into, well, not junk.  And all my little baubles were crying out to be recreated.

So I visited my friend Barb, owner of From the Heart Boutique, and learned from a pro how to make jewelry.  She taught me how to use some neat little jeweler's tools to crimp, bend, make loops and wrap wire.  How cool was that!!  So, armed with a new set of tools and some basic skills, I sat down to create.  What fun!!

I bought some crystals from vintage chandelier a few weeks ago at the Art & Architecture JunkMarket Style spring show and used a few of them for necklaces.  Here is a sampling of my vintage restyled jewelry.  These pieces will be available at Vintage Treasures Market on June 18 and 19 right here in beautiful St. Charles, MN.  Can't make it?  Email me if there is a piece that interests you!

That doesn't even make a dent in my stash of jewelry parts.  I could restyle vintage jewelry for days, even weeks, and not use up my supplies!  Alas, I need to move on to other projects.  There are so many things I want to make or remake before Vintage Treasures Market on June 18 & 19 including tote bags from vintage grain sacks and purses from jeans.  So many ideas, so little time.  And to throw something else into the works, my new Cricut Expression arrived yesterday and all I have done so far is get it out of the box!!  Yikes!!  I may have to give up sleeping 8 hours daily for a few weeks!!