Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Flea Bags!

A year or so ago I made a flea bag for my friend Dianne (aka Frannie Pfarkel of Junk Re{defined} fame) for her birthday. (See the tag?)

I wish I would have taken better pictures of it, but at the time I didn't plan on showing it to anyone.  So we are stuck with this one not-so-good picture.  Anyway, this bag is a combination of a vintage grain sack and a couple of coordinating fabrics.  The large bag is perfect for shopping at a flea market-type event.  Small purchases will fit inside or in the outside pockets and you can carry a lot before having to make a trip to the car. 

The little bag can be unclipped from the bigger flea bag and clipped to a belt loop for what I call power shopping - both hands are free.  It holds your cell, shades and cash.  Perfect for garages sales when you are in and out of the car frequently.  Add your ID and a credit/debit card and it's great for Christmas shopping at the mall, too.  (Do any of us shop at malls anymore?)

This bag is made from the remainder of the grain sack and upholstery fabric.

Aren't the graphics cool?!

 This is just another miscellaneous bag.  High Five!!

Off to work on the next project!!