Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pillow Love

There was a loud pop, a lonnnng sizzle and then a whole lotta smoke smelling like fried electronics.  Ugh.  My sewing machine was toast.  Burned toast.

The repairman said there was no hope, so after a proper but short period of mourning (I can't be without a sewing machine for more than a few days), I bought a new machine.  I am now spending quality time in my sewing room bonding with my new Baby Lock in hopes of falling in love with it.  I keep telling myself it is a lovely machine that will do anything I want of it, but every once in a while (like when I try to raise the presser foot with my left hand instead of my right), some nagging little voice inside me says, "It's no Viking."  Why is change always to hard?  I hate learning a whole new machine, especially since I truly loved my old one.  Enough.  I will love my Baby Lock.  That's all there is to it.  And see the pretty pillows I have made?  It's a wonderful sewing machine, right?

Vintage burlap feed sack and ribbed fabric pillows, one wearing a vintage crocheted collar.




Burlap and lace -- don't you love it?


White on white - with ruffles!


Ticking and toile.




The back - envelope style for easy removal of the pillow insert.

I'm liking this new Baby Lock more every day. Stay tuned -- there are more pillows on the horizon!


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