Friday, October 2, 2009

Junk Bonanza Was Awesome!

Where has the time gone?  Here it is October already and I haven't posted since mid September.  For shame!

Actually, I've been obsessed occupied with genealogy since I was contacted by a "new" cousin a few weeks ago.  We haven't met in person yet (we are only 25 miles apart!!), but we've been trading family info, pictures and great stories.  Such fun!!


Junk Bonanza was awesome, just as I expected it to be.  I wasn't a vendor this year - life got in the way of that idea - but I did go to shop on Thursday.  I power shopped though.  Nothing in my hands - no purse, no tote.  Everything I needed was in my pockets or my power pouch.  A power pouch is a must because I don't always have pockets.  More on pouches later!!  Even though there was room for my camera, I opted to leave it home and just enjoy myself gawking at the eye candy everywhere.  The vendors did not disappoint.

The best part of the Junk Bonanza was getting to see friends -- old ones and new ones.  Some were vendors and some were shoppers.  We had a great time at Ki's meet and greet blog party.   Check these blogs for posts and pictures of the Bonanza. 

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