Monday, May 11, 2009

Good Junk from My Favorite Farm

Aren't these buildings just the quaintest you have seen? I just love them! They are just two of the original buildings on the farm belonging to my cousin Louann.

She is in the process of cleaning out the buildings at the farm she bought from her parents, and recently invited me to dig through the junk in my uncle's garage workshop to see if there was anything I could use. I had been 'shopping' there about a year ago, too, and came home then with many treasures. This time was no different. There is a lot of good junk there and I will be going back again soon.

Here's part of what I brought home a few weeks ago.

Four turned table legs in a faded pink and black!

Two windows, two boxes, a plant stand in pieces, some horse shoes and the business end of a pitch fork.

A wonderfully chippy chair. See the large loose strip of paint in the center of the seat by the spindles? It's tape! Several layers of a couple of different kinds of tape that have been painted. Cool fix to a broken chair.

A chicken feeder and two small chick feeders.

And a heavy, very sturdy purple chair - nothing wrong with it - except it's purple!

I haven't had time to do a whole lot yet, but I did mess around a little bit. The flower 'pot' is one of the little chick feeders.

The plant stand was 3 pieces. I was going to use them all for something else, but when I started taking it apart to get all the screws out, it just seemed like I should put it back together again. It didn't want to be painted, either, even though I thought it should be black. Some things just speak to you.

Not every piece of junk needs to be repurposed into something else. Some things just beg to be restored to their former good looking selves.

Marge - the busy gran