Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday's Finds

In the spirit of "don't waste a trip to the city for just one thing," I went junking after my appointment with the dentist on Monday. I visited an antique store, a brand spankin' new Salvation Army that opened last Friday and a couple of other shops in Winona. The SA yielded these 2 great old music books. I love to decouplage with music, but these 2 hard cover books are a little too nice to destroy for decoupage. I'll have to leave them as found.

On the way back to St. Charles, I stopped at Vi's Antiques in Stockton. What a nice lady she is! She was completely flooded out of her home and shop during the monster flood of August 07. After much renovation and living in a FEMA trailer for months, she is back in business. I think her shop is better than ever! I found some great things there that will work their way into my booth at Vintage Treasures Market in June in one fashion or another. If you are ever in the area, stop in to see Vi and her sweet shop.

Don't you just love those keys? There are 45 of them all old and oh so cute! Hmmmm - what do they want to be?

the Gran