Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cream Pitchers and Nice Fat Bellies

Recently on the Junk Revolution message boards we were discussing our "junk addictions." My answer was cream pitchers – pitchers that hold cream. I got started years ago with cute little cream pitchers. They are so easy to find, so to keep this addiction from getting out of hand, I was particular about the shape. I love fat little round bellies on a pitcher. Eventually, I eliminated all except the ones that are cream colored. Cream cream pitchers – cream colored pitchers that hold cream. Then I added larger sized pitchers to my habit. So now my answer is back to cream pitchers – cream colored pitchers.

Of course, some I had to keep, even though they had a little color. Either they were just too cute or they came from some place or someone special.

Like this one that belonged to great aunt Helen,

or these tiny toys.

And these two. The one on the right is Norwegian, purchased at the museum in Decorah, Iowa some years ago. The one on the left is from Mom. I don't know where she got it, but it is German and is a picture of Berchtesgaden which was Hitler's hideaway. Apparently my dad saw this place during the war.

This green pitcher is one I made Kool Aid in as a kid. I especially remember root beer flavored Kool Aid. It didn't really taste very good! Maybe that's why they haven't made it for years.

My friend Kris gave me this pitcher with the willow tree. When Kris had her prim shop in Wabasha, we talked on the phone almost every Thursday. Kris, we haven't talked in ages and I miss you!

This large white pitcher was a Christmas gift a few years ago from my friend Laura who owns Gathering & Gifts in St. Charles.

And this one was a gift from me! Love those fat pitcher bellies!

All of these pitchers were gifts from my mom. If she was at an auction and found a nice pitcher, especially if it was the auction of someone I knew, she usually bought it for me. The light green one is depression glass, the clear one has flying geese on it and the green one is plain glass. If I would look on the bottom of these pitchers, I would probably find a piece of tape with the former owner's name on it compliments of Mom.

The little one above is technically not a pitcher although it does have a pour spout if that counts! It is a pink depression glass measuring cup and is one that we used routinely in the kitchen as I was growing up. I didn't realize how many pitchers I have that aren't "cream!!"

My other junk addictions? Well, I also gravitate towards old kitchen utensils, sewing notions and baby shoes. You've already seen my baby shoes. I'll try to gather pictures of some sewing notions and utensils for future posts. For now, I think I will pour something cool and refreshing out of one of my pitchers.