Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Do Love Me Some Baby Shoes

This is my very first pair.

Size zero, pink wool felt with pink satin ribbon laces and a tiny blue flower on the toe. Aren't they just precious? They were a gift from a 10-year old cousin when I was just a week old. And so began my life long love affair with shoes. With this pair to get me started, how could I not fall in love with shoes?

This pair followed soon after and was just a little bit bigger size. They were originally white leather. My Mom and Dad had them bronzed by the local jeweler for me many years ago.

I am drawn to baby shoes. There is just something so sweet about tiny shoes. Some of them beg to be pin cushions ...

... others just want to be a shoe.

Teeny tiny tennies on an old cupboard door turned bulletin board/message center.

Baby shoes -- ya gotta love 'em.