Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kris Kringle Market

The Kris Kringle Market at Red Barn MN started today. I haven't had a report yet from Kari as to how things went, but I have a feeling it's been a good day.

My camera batteries were dead yesterday and the spares, freshly charged, were at home. Can't believe I did that. I took a few shots with my phone but they just didn't do justice to the awesome items that were available.

Stephanie made some beautimous grapevine trees. The photo shows nothing but blurry lights. And the same goes for my glitzy alpine trees. Blurrrrrrrr. Dang.

Oh, did I tell you what I found when I came home after three days at the October sale at Red Barn?

This is a 1952 army truck -- probably a fire truck. Apparently we really needed a red army fire truck. That's what happens when your husband goes to an auction with the guys while you are out of town.

I'm heading back to Red Barn MN on Saturday morning. Our new living room furniture gets delivered Saturday afternoon, just in time for Thanksgiving. One good purchase deserves another, don't you think? I guess we really did need that red army truck!

Marge, gran on the go!