Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tomboy Tools Is Coming to St. Charles!

At the Junk Bonanza a few weeks ago I met a lot of people and made many new friends, one being Cheryl Woodward, Tomboy Tools consultant extraordinaire. I had asked DH to check out the Tomboy Tool booth to see if there was anything I needed. Well, check it out he did and he came back carrying the Traveler tool set for me. What a guy!!
Eventually Sharon (a Pfarkel sister and booth mate of mine) and I made it to Cheryl’s booth, just in time to meet and have our picture with Joan Steffend. Of course, neither of us had a camera handy, but Cheryl did! And here – finally - is the picture (me, Joan, Sharon).
I ran into Cheryl again in Rochester at Gold Rush the following weekend and had a nice but too short visit in the parking lot. We both agreed that she should come to St. Chuck’s, so we have scheduled a Tomboy Tool party for October 21.
October is breast cancer awareness month and we in St. Charles tend to make a big deal of promoting breast cancer awareness. We -- my Women in Business group and local breast cancer survivors and supporters -- call ourselves the Bosom Buddies. We try to have several events throughout the month to promote awareness.
Back to the scoop on the tool party. Instead of having it at my home, it will be at Gatherings & Gifts, a gift and coffee shop in downtown St. Charles that is owned by my friend Laura Kirby. By having it in a downtown business, we hope reach a larger audience and get everyone acquainted with those awesome pink Tomboy Tools!
Cheryl, I hope you are prepared for a fun night with the Bosom Buddies of St. Charles!!!