Sunday, September 14, 2008

Junk Bonanza Is Over (sniffle)

To many of us, the Bonanza came to an end too quickly. We have been talking about it for so long and making plans and now it is all done. Withdrawal will be setting in shortly.

This was my first Junk Bonanza experience. I shared a booth with Junk {Re}Defined, better known as the Pfarkel Sisters. Really, they are Sharon Vreeman, Dianne Perry and Janell Kraut. And they are really sisters. Their junk creations are truly unique. They have just started a blog so watch for it to grow in the near future. Check it out here.

Dianne and hubby Roger are the owners of the red and white vintage motorhome, appropriately named "Well, La De Da" that you all saw in the parking lot. What a party bus!!

Here is a little tour of our booth.

A "cabinet" made from a chicken crate with glass shelves.

Coat racks from cupboard doors and old door knobs, locks and hooks.

The letter in the typewriter read, "Dear John."

A treadle sewing machine cabinet with hundred year old sheet music decoupaged on top and where the drawers were. The top opens up and the 'belly' would be a great place for a container of ice and beverages. The drawer spaces are the perfect size to hold a bottle of wine.

Sitting on top is a steno mahcine used by a court reporter.

A coffee table with bowling pin legs.

An old truck horn made into a table lamp.

It'a little hard to see, but there is a light inside this kerosene heater and in the old toaster.

For me, the best part of the weekend was meeting all the people who love junk and making new friends. I stopped at the booth of Lanette of Cottage Elements. It was so nice to meet her after reading her blog for a while. Her booth was beautiful! Here she is talking with Janell (aka Flossy Pfarkel) when she stopped by our booth a little later.

I wish I would have had my camera handy when the Red Shed group was visiting. Margo (Robolady) took a lot of pictures in our booth and I'm sure she will share them with us. It was great to meet her, too. I have visited her web site regularly for a couple of years and have gotten so much inspiration and bunches of ideas from her. I routinely read her blog, so meeting in person was like visiting with an old friend.

And of course meeting Ki was a real treat, too. As busy as she was, she still had time to talk to everyone and was warm and friendly to all. Thank you Ki for giving us the Junk Bonanza!!

PS Stay tuned for news about Sandy!