Monday, September 15, 2008

The Continuing Travels of Sandy

After a 3-hour ride south of the Junk Bonanza, Sandy spent the night, incognito of course, safely hiding out, waiting for delivery to her (his?) new home.

It's Monday and time for the final jaunt up the road to Sandy's new owner's home.Up the steep driveway,
to be greeted by the new resident rooster
and the rabbit in the rusty tin pail
and what's this?? The party bus -- aka "Well, La De Da." It appears that Sandy's new owners are party animals!!Now, to get out of the truck
requires a boost up with help from a chain hoist
a little maneuvering
careful lowering
to a wheeled platform for ease of moving on the ground,
and ta-da -- success! Take that cover off and ride 'em cowboy!!