Saturday, August 23, 2008

Trash to Treasure Auction 08

It was a beastly hot and muggy day, with the skies and the weatherman threatening rain -- far from ideal for an auction. Without a brisk wind we would have been miserable.

By early morning the decision had been made to keep all the auction items inside the tent instead of on the lawn as in previous years. Luckily, this year Sharon had ordered a larger tent. Good thinking, Sharon!

Despite the heat and humidity, we once again had an awesome crowd. Jan Nessler from Good Sport Liquor provided a nice selection of wines for all to taste. Good food, good wine and a good crowd -- the right ingredients for a lively auction to raise money for breast cancer research.

The Bandanas -- Rosie, Bev and Barb -- were on hand again this year to entertain during the wine tasting social hour. Their music and wit are always a treat.

A small group of local breast cancer survivors gathered for a picture.

Most of the trash to treasure projects have been made and donated by area women. This wrought iron plant stand was made by a local man from an aquarium stand and miscellaneous other parts.

Another local gentleman found two shutters in the dumpster at a local church. He cut out shapes and painted them. This one is headed for a cabin "up north" to become a headboard for a bed. (The Pfarkel's polka dot desk and bench are oh so cute, too!) Thanks George and Leland!!!

Thunder rumbled a few times during the course of the auction, but the rain held off until all the bidders had taken home their new treasures. We couldn't ask for more.

Thank you all for donating completed projects or "raw materials" that were repurposed by the Women in Business. And thanks also for coming to socialize and of course for bidding and buying! It seems we always have a bidding war or two break out and this year was no exception. Kris Slavin and Curt Vreeman went head to head a few times, entertaining the rest of us with their competition. At one point Kris told Curt to go home. Unfortunately for her, he was home. The big white tent is in his yard!

I haven't heard the final tally on how much we raised for breast cancer research, but for a 2 hour 15 minutes auction, it will be good!

This isn't everything, but here are more pictures for your browsing pleasure.

Marge, the tired Gran