Monday, August 11, 2008

Today's Finds

My completed projects were taking up way too much space in the garage, so I took two carloads to the storage building today. I'm not sure which things I will take to the Trash to Treasure auction and which I will save for Junk Bonanza. I'll have to decide soon as the auction is a week from Friday!

The bad news is that I forgot to take pictures of everything before I took them to storage. Oh well, maybe later.

I needed a little lace for a pin cushion project, so on the way home from the storage building I made a little detour to the local thrift shop. I didn't find any lace but they had just gotten these sweet hankies
and these size zero shoes. Love 'em!
I've had these school books in my 'library' for quite a while (I love books and have a hard time parting with any of them -- even the bad paperbacks!). They will be part of a vignette at the Junk Bonanza.

Tomorrow I am getting a whole bunch of that gorgeous red pottery that sold so well in my shop. It's part of what I am selling at my friend Barb's shop, From the Heart Boutique, that opens on Friday. This boutique has been running for about 14 years and it is open Friday - Sunday just three times a year. It runs for four weekends before Easter, for four weekends before Labor Day and again for six weekends before Christmas. This is my first time participating so I am excited. Barb's shop has become a real shoppers' destination because of its limited days open. Many gals from out of town make it a 'girls day out' event and shop the rest of the stores in St. Charles, too. I will be working a few days at From the Heart and am looking forward to seeing the customers -- many of them used to shop at Emma's Nook & Granny, too, (in large part due to Barb sending them to me!).


PS Happy first anniversary Spencer and Abby! We wish you many, more years of wedded bliss!!