Friday, August 15, 2008

Gold Rush Times Two!

What a beautiful day for Gold Rush! A little hot but still a beautiful, sunshiny day. The town of Oronoco was packed full of vendors as it always is during Gold Rush Days.

These pictures were taken this morning. By mid afternoon the shoppers were out in droves. I did manage to score a couple of good bargains that will be tweaked a bit for the Junk Bonanza.

After Oronoco, we headed to Rochester to check out the Gold Rush Antique Show and Market. Good crowds there, too! A lot of vendors were still setting up as they don't officially open until tomorrow but that didn't prevent my sister and I plus a lot of other shoppers from finding all kinds of good stuff. Don't you just love camera phones? Too bad I didn't remember to use mine in Rochester!

From the Heart Boutique opened this morning and has been hoppin' all day. Woo-hoo!