Sunday, August 3, 2008

Destination: Cypress Hills Provincial Park, Saskatchewan, Canada

Wednesday morning bright and early (7:45 is bright and early enough for us) we set out from home in SE Minnesota for the Hutton family reunion near Maple Creek, Sask.

I am famous for taking pictures out the car window and have been doing so for years. I’ve taken great shots of Lake Superior and the harbor in Duluth. I have a nice variety of barns in Kentucky. And now I have landscapes in North Dakota and Saskatchewan. See?

Talk about flat! We were in the middle of North Dakota and could see darn near all the way to the Black Hills!

We spent the first night in Jamestown, North Dakota where we found the world’s largest buffalo in a pioneer village.

Not far from the Dairy Queen we stumbled onto a thrift store with this oh-so-cute typewriter. That DQ really need lessons on how to make a good blizzard. There is a gal in Winona MN that I named the Blizzard Queen a couple years ago. She really knew her stuff. And a few weeks ago we discovered the Blizzard Princess in Stewartville, MN. Either one of these gals could teach the Jamestown people a whole lot about making a good blizzard.

Day two showed us acres of sunflowers outside of Minot. Can you see the yellow flowers?

Oil derricks. Reminds me of our trip to Yellowstone when son Spencer was about 8. Just to backtrack a bit, Spencer had built something out of Lincoln Logs one day while we were visiting my mom. She thought his creation was so cute, she took a picture of it. After returning home from the Yellowstone trip, Spencer built an oil derrick out of Legos. He wanted me to take a picture of it, but I said something like, "Don't be silly. I'm not taking a picture of that." With a sad look on his sweet little face, he looked up at me and said, “Grandma would.” I’ll scan and post the picture of his Lego oil derrick when we get home.

I had to ask someone what all this white stuff was. These apparently are inland salt water lakes. I was so enthralled with the huge ones and the mountainous piles of salt at the place where they do whatever it is they do with this salt, that I forgot to take pictures. These little lakes are all I have. Notice the bug remains on the windshield.

We stayed in Moose Jaw on our second night. I wish we would have had more time to explore because it is such an interesting city. There is a beautiful historic downtown where we wandered for a bit, but most everything was closed by the time we got there. We found a postcard but none of the places that sold stamps knew how much postage was needed to send a postcard to the US. We had to go to an actual post office the next day. It cost $1.01 in case you need to know. The postcard was 87 cents.

Before leaving Moose Jaw we visited a huge antique and junk place. Twelve buildings of really nice old stuff and lots of good junk but priced way too high for me. Well, too high to buy and resell or to use in a T2T project. I guess if I were buying something for myself to keep, the prices would have been okay. We had fun looking at everything and I mean everything! This place had it all. My only purchase was an elementary school reading book in mint condition. It’s a Dick and Jane type book only the Canadian version!

On the road again the next morning (Friday) which was the day we were scheduled to arrive at the resort for the Hutton reunion. Came across an oil tanker that had rolled at an intersection and burned. There were cops and fire trucks and another oil truck that would pump out the one that tipped over. I shot one quick pic out the window as we drove through the intersection. That's the underside of the truck that rolled.

Finally, about 3 p.m. we made it to the beautiful Cypress Hills Resort Inn located in Cypress Hills Provincial Park. If you are ever looking for a place to vacation, consider this park. Motel, cabins, pool, restaurant, camping, lake, ball fields, tennis court, mini golf, gas station, grocery and gift store, pizza place, ice cream and not crowded because it is so huge.

We spent Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday with extended family on the Hutton side. We had people from Alaska, Massachusetts, Colorado, Washington, Minnesota, Montana, Arizona, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and maybe some more that I missed. The reunion officially is over on Monday.

We left the reunion this afternoon (Sunday) for Cut Bank, Montana. Good to be back in the states where speed limits are 60 and 70 instead of 100 and 110. The gal at the border crossing when we entered Montana asked us what we had been doing in Canada. We said a family reunion. Wish I would have taken a picture out my window of the face she made!! Apparently she doesn’t get a lot of people from Minnesota that have just come from a family reunion in Saskatchewan. Tomorrow we are off to Glacier Park and the Going to the Sun road. To be continued!