Saturday, July 12, 2008

Can't wait to hit the junk pile!

One more day and all of my things will be moved out of what used to be my shop. Two gals have rented the space and will open their own shop later this fall. They purchased several of my furniture pieces -- an antique cupboard with sliding glass doors, a dresser and two wooden folding chairs, several small bookcases, a large hutch, a small pine cabinet, the black locker with red interior and miscellaneous other items. There are still a couple of customers who have pieces to pick up, too. I have until Tuesday, but my things should be out by tomorrow. Then, on to the junk pile!

This vanity with the bench and mirror will be donated to our Trash to Treasure auction. It will be pink and very girly when I am done. Paint job, new upholstery on the bench and something – I don’t know just what yet – to make it very special.

The dew point was 74 earlier this week and is only 42 now. What a beautiful evening! I hope the lack of humidity sticks around for a few days as I have a lot of garage projects. But first, I MUST finish moving. Ugh!