Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Front & Center!!

Date: 9/28/2007
Well, we did it. Sharon, Laura and I were on the front page of the Rochester Post Bulletin last night. Woo-hoo!!! Check out the front page article at
"Cancer survivors poke fun at a serious illness."

There's also another story, more pictures and audio interviews with each of us.
"Cancer survivors are feeling in the pink."

We have a lot of events planned in St. Charles for the upcoming breast cancer awareness month. Our goal is to have a little fun, socialize with our old and new friends, and maybe in the process, some woman will be prompted to get that mammogram she has been putting off.

And that's the whole point of all of this. Until there is a cure, early detection is so important. So we keep trying to raise awareness and raise funds. One out of eight women is diagnosed with breast cancer in the US. So PLEASE ladies, make an appointment for yourself for that mammogram that you have been putting off for whatever reason. It could save your life.

Marge, the survuvor
5-years and counting

PS Research leads to new drugs and better treatment options, and hopefully someday soon, a cure. Until then, we need to keep our congress people funding programs for women who can't afford mammograms, and to make treatment available to all, no matter what their income is. Somewhere years ago, someone helped raise the funding that provided for the research that led to my treatment. I just want to do the same for someone else. If you want to help, go to my Bosom Buddy page and join our team. Women everywhere will be grateful.